A number of Hunter Education classes are held each year.  These classes are usually taught in the fall by State Certified Instructors, most which are being Master Instructors.  The State provides all of the teaching materials.  While we do demonstrate the safe handling of firearms, there will not be any live ammunition or loaded firearms in the building during any of the classes.  Please do not bring any firearms or ammunition to the class.  The last night of each class consists of a 100-question test, of which the students must obtain at least 80 % to pass.  Upon successful completion of the test, the student will receive a Hunter Education card.  This card is proof the individual has successfully completed the course and is eligible to purchase a hunting license.

All of the classes are free to the public.  Refreshments are available for a modest fee. (Note:  While there is no minimum age for the course, students in the 8-10 year old age group may have trouble passing the final exam, a 100 question test, as 80% of the questions must be answered correctly to pass.)  

o To register for these no costs classes call 1-800-wildlife (945-3543).


o To register for classes call 1-800-wildlife (945-3543).

Three types of classes are provided; general, home study, and adult certification:

Directions are available on the link above or by contacting Ken Scherf at 740-685-6761 or Larry Hayes at 740-685-6868 or Steve Tomplait at 740-638-3802.